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Inverness Cat Rescue was set up to rescue and re-home unwanted and stray cats and kittens in the Inverness area. We have over 20 years experience in dealing with the welfare and rehabilitation of needy cats/kittens.

We are funded entirely by donations, and rely on the generosity of cat-lovers. All donations of money, food, blankets etc. are most gratefully welcomed. (Can be collected).



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Thanks so much to the folks who have generously donated cat-food to us recently, and also for the continuing support through PayPal. Your kindness enables us to help more needy cats in our area. 




We have recently taken delivery of a new, more reliable microchip scanner, and we will also  be routinely microchipping cats before re-homing.






Oddments and scraps of wool/yarn of any kind are always gratefully received. Some is used for making cosy blankets for the cats, and some is used for fund-raising. We are happy to collect in the Inverness area.






2013, our fourth year as Inverness Cat Rescue, saw us go from strength to strength, thanks to the many people who donated their time, expertise, and of course homes to help our needy cats. A special mention must go to Eastgate Veterinary Practice for their unstinting support and continued care of our cats, also the Inverness Branch of Scottish SPCA for their assistance, and other Vet Practices, rescue organisations and veterinary supply reps too numerous to name. We are immensely grateful for their help. But without the people who gave such wonderful homes to our rescued cats, and the generous folk who kindly sent food and monetary donations, we would be unable to continue our work. As our rescue shelter and high reputation become more widely known, calls and emails arrive daily, some asking for help, some offering to give our cats a second chance of a happy life, some to report lost or found cats, and many more seeking advice re feline problems. All calls are responded to promptly.


ICR aims to continue its policy of 'donations welcome' when rehoming a cat or kitten. We will ask for a discretionary donation when rehoming, which will help towards the cost of the vaccination, neutering, and microchipping programme which each cat is part of, and to enable us to continue helping more needy cats. Please remember that donations are our primary source of income, and only with these can we continue helping cats. However we will base our decision on whether to rehome a cat on the quality of care the cat is going to receive rather than on the amount of money that we can generate from it.


We look forward to your continued support during 2014, and aim to help as many unfortunate cats as are brought to our attention.


A special mention to the team at who have constructed our website and provided us with a valuable window for the world to contact us, and who have given continued help and advice throughout.




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Heather and Derik are committed to helping needy cats in the Inverness area and devote their lives to caring for the unfortunate, unwanted and abandoned. Heather has a vast amount of experience in all fields of cat care and welfare, having founded the Inverness Branch of Cats Protection and co-ordinated it for 20 years before branching out on her own, supported by husband Derik. She worked in a local rescue kennels and cattery for 12 years, has over 20 years experience working in a veterinary practice, and was also the Inverness contact for a national Petcare Helpline, giving advice on all aspects of pet care. The cat rescue is entirely voluntary, and run from home. All funds raised are spent solely on food, litter and veterinary fees. All overheads and other day to day expenses are met by Heather and Derik.... for the love of the cats.


Donations are very gratefully received and acknowledged. We have a Paypal button for ease of payment, and donations of cat food can be collected in the Inverness area. Oddments of wool are also always welcomed for making cosy blankets for the cats, and for fund-raising.




Caring permanent homes always wanted


Caring permanent homes always wanted for cats and kittens. Our adult cats are all neutered, wormed and treated with Frontline Spot On. They are vaccinated against cat flu, enteritis, and FeLV,  health checked by our Vet, and covered against illness by a 4 week insurance from PetPlan (see 'Advice' page for details).  We have recently started microchipping too. If they have come from a previous owner we find out as much of the cat’s history as we can, in order to suit the cat to the best possible home. Strays are kept for 3 weeks minimum, to give owners plenty of time to look for them, and also to give us time to assess the cat’s character and habits. All our cats are litter-trained. Many of the cats in our care have had a bad start in life, and we are careful to ensure that they are given a second chance in a loving permanent home.



Kittens can’t be vaccinated until they are 9 weeks old, therefore we would expect the new owner to contact their Vet to arrange having this done at the appropriate time. We would also ask the new owner to sign a form pledging to have the kitten neutered at age 5-6 months to prevent more unwanted kittens in the future. There are just not enough homes to cater for the thousands of cats/kittens abandoned every year.


Please consider giving a home to an older cat. They so appreciate being given the chance to enjoy home comforts after a spell in the pens. They don't mind if their owners are out working all day, and will content themselves in their own company, happy to sleep until their owner comes home to give them attention. We have re-homed a cat of 21 years, and she went on to enjoy a further 3 happy years in her new home. It is not uncommon for a cat to live into its early twenties, so taking on a cat of 10+ years can lead to a long rewarding relationship.





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